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Andrew Morant CFI Instructor

Andy Has Achieved a BHPA advanced pilot IPPI Para Pro 5 international rating including dual tandem, pilot tow and also a FLPA PPG power rating. He started flying paramotors back in 1993. He is also flying dual motors.

Andrew is a sponsored pilot by most of the world’s top constructor designers.

He has worked with many schools around the UK and Europe specialising in paramotor instruction here in the UK and abroad.

For the last two years, Andy has been flying for some large charity organisations and fund raising. His new school operates seven days a week in the UK and abroad and is situated in Kent in the South East of England. With years of experience in this field of specialised training, you of course will be assured of the very highest training available.

This year we are training students in the Dominican Republic and Dubai.

Andy is currently training pilots for fundraising events and for voluntary search and rescue here in the UK across Europe and hopefully expanding to Africa soon.

Andy is also a Registered Master Award Winning Photographer so you can be assured that your first flights and throughout your training, stunning professional images will be made available to all students including aerial photographs of your flights.

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