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The Paramotor

It combines a paraglider and a small engine backpack.....
The Aerial Motorbike is born....

Paramotoring has to be the quickest and easiest way to live that dream and fly like a bird. It is highly portable and fits in the boot of an average family saloon car. With professional training (essential) it is safe to fly. Even if the engine cuts out you can glide back safely to land with just the paraglider. No Runway or airfield is required - just a small clear field will do as take offs and landing are just a few paces.

No licence required in the UK or in many other countries.

In the UK this form of aviation is de regulated and no licence is required. However professional training is vital to ensure your safety and it is possible to be taking your first flight on a paramotor in just 6 days.

This is the cheapest form of aviation possible and can cost you less than a quality motorbike.

You are not required to pass any exams with paramotoring, simply observe the guidelines and act safely at all times and you are ready to go. I am able to provide flying lessons and equipment from the best manufacturers; so please feel free to find out more on this website.