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Training Fees

Please call for all the current training packages, lesson prices and special offers.
Fantastic training good prices. As a guide a taster experience session is £150. This is for people coming into the sport and a look into all that’s required to learn to fly PPG aircraft a great insight. This is returnable if you purchase your equipment from me.

As a rough guide PPG1 ground course work can be done from only 5 lessons. Motor PPG Part 2 course from 5 lessons. After ten lessons it’s sometimes possible to be solo Flying, but every pilot will be assessed for the correct amount of lessons needed. Speed is not our priority in this school so no rushing.

All training and advertised web prices are subject to change without prior notice.

The PPG Sport is weather dependant and therefore dictates training times. Para glider Conversion from hill pilot is sometimes possible with as little as four lessons - please call for more information. We also can offer tuition on a daily rate or hourly rate please call. We can hire PPG Equipment in the event you don’t already own your own. These fees can also be quoted to you so please call me with all your training needs. We only recommend professional quality equipment built by the best trusted manufacturers.

Because Aero aviation is a registered flight school Aviation Insurance can be obtained upon the full course being successfully completed and the student being signed off by myself. Independent training and not being tied to any one organisation allows me to select the very best parts of each training syllabus. Call for this information.

Paraglider Pilots 4 lessons to convert from paragliding to paramotoring

Convert over to a paramotor transform your life The new range of motors are quiet and also not that heavy. Normally within 4 lessons you will be able to fly solo The benefits are overwhelming. We offer a free assessment to evaluate your experience then recommend the correct amount of lessons.

Cross country flights by day one can be in excess of 35km every day. The flights can be up to Three Hours without thermals take off and land same place .... No hassle Flights of over 50km are very much the normal.

New reflex wings fly so much faster than conventional ones and are more tuck resilient. The faster you fly the safer they become. The new Reflex wings are more than capable to thermal for hours at a time. Initially you will thermal for the first few times just to satisfy your lack of airtime then you discover the true freedom of the sport. Flying XC Every flight every time.

Most pilots who convert over have no regrets please call me to come and have a look at paramotoring. I'm happy to answer any questions on Conversion Courses or any other issues please call me.

Air experience and trial lessons

Here in my school we are unique that we have dual pilot instructors and equipment. There is an opportunity for a trial lesson flight and we offer a large selection of locations to fly from. Learning to fly a Para motor also puts our school at a real advantage the student can fly the aircraft while under our supervision. We believe we are the only school to offer this in the south. Please note that dual aircraft have limiting specifications operating conditions and procedures. So please call me so I can explain in detail if you’re considering dual flights or training.

Dual flying is the most demanding in our sport and should you wish to learn dual we only offer this to highly experienced pilots who have many hours of experience solo flights and will need to be assessed by myself before any such training can start. Feel free to call me please.